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Three festive plant gift ideas

Gifting plants is a long-established way of showing someone that you care. A plant present offers a keepsake that will (hopefully) grow and thrive over time so that your loved one can think of you every time they see it brightening up their home.

Another benefit of choosing to give plants as gifts at Christmas is that they can be a relatively low-cost, but still really thoughtful option. Purchasing plants from the supermarket (or your local independent plant store!) doesn’t cost a lot and they can be given a bit of DIY pizazz to make a really attractive present that will be treasured!

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It’s always a lovely idea to propagate your own houseplants from cuttings to give as gifts (more on that here), but if that’s not for you then shop-bought work just as well. Here, I’ll share with you three simple and festive Christmas plant DIYs to delight your friends and family this festive season.

Heavenly hyacinth bouquet

Pretty, pastel-coloured hyacinths with their clusters of delicate trumpet-shaped blooms seem like an unlikely choice of Christmas hero, don’t they? In the UK, hyacinths are often grown under really specific conditions and ‘forced’ in time for the festive season. I love having them around at this time of year as their heady fragrance really brings to mind warmer seasons. Hyacinths are often grown in special glass containers which look really striking as a gift, particularly when tied up with a pretty bow. Another great option for gifting hyacinths is to place them in a repurposed bowl from a charity shop, or simply wrap their pot in coloured crepe paper for a homespun touch.

Image: Pexels

Poinsettia, the Star of Bethlehem

Poinsettia are beautiful, archetypal Christmas plants with striking red and green foliage. They flower and bloom seemingly endlessly throughout the grey winter months, just when we need a pop of colour in our lives. Poinsettia are known as ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’ in their native Mexico and are thought to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Wise Men to Jesus. They look lovely presented in a rattan basket or neutral-coloured pot, allowing the colours to stand out. For a really thoughtful touch, you could add a handwritten note telling its festive story providing some care tips.

Poinsettia are regarded as Christmas plants, but with a bit of TLC you can get a few years out of them. They don’t like being overwatered and prefer to be kept somewhere warmer, away from draughts.

Get crafty with a handmade wreath

Image: Pexels

Christmas wreaths look beautiful hung on a front door or in a window, and imagine how touched someone would be to know you’ve made one… just for them! You’ll need plenty of equipment (and no aversion to a bit of mess) to make your own wreath, but it’s bags of fun. You can even join in on a cosy wreath-making workshop to give you some inspiration – some are taking place virtually, as well as in-person, and they’re such fun! In this article, I share three ideas for creating your own festive wreath.

Happy crafting! Katie x

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