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Gift voucher for Katie’s shop

Suggested price: £10.00

Why not treat your nearest and dearest to a gift voucher to spend within Katie’s shop?

Purchasing a voucher provides the recipient with the chance to join multiple vouchers together or use vouchers and pay the difference for any of the current products in Katie’s shop. The value of the voucher can be chosen by you, ranging from £10-£500. The voucher will be emailed to you as a PDF which creates a momento to give to your recipient, personalised with their name and a message from you. You can even choose one of three images of Katie for the voucher.

To purchase this voucher, enter the value you would like the voucher to be, along with additional details below and select the image of Katie you would like as the voucher background by clicking the button under the voucher image. You can view a large version of each voucher by clicking each voucher image below.

“As another option, you can purchase a full gift voucher for the complete garden consultation with Katie by video call. Read more about that voucher where you can gift the full experience for someone special.”

Minimum price: £10.00

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