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3 festive wreath decorating projects

A sure sign that Christmas is around the corner are all the beautiful festive wreaths we see decking front doors and windows. I love them! Whether you’re a Christmas traditionalist or a minimal fashionista, there are festive wreath decorations you can easily make by hand and display with pride. And the really good part? It’s super easy!

Photo: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

First, you’ll need to make your wreath. There are loads of cosy wreath-making workshops out there, and most florists will sell ready-made festive wreaths, but there’s something special about making your own at home. Most home and garden stores carry the equipment to easily create your own wreath. You’ll need a wire ring (‘wreath rings’ are readily available), and some sturdy moss to secure around it to attach the greenery to, as well as florist’s wire and clippers to make sure that everything is securely fastened together. As a simple alternative, you can also pick up wreaths that are ready-made out of floristry foam, ready to be adorned by hand.

Below, I’ll take you through three ideas for decorating your wreath that will deliver three strikingly different looks. You can tailor these wreaths and use whatever additions you are most drawn to – the choice is yours. Don’t be afraid to get creative and play around.

Traditional festive wreath

A traditional festive wreath, to my mind, incorporates all the traditional colours and textures of Christmas. Deep green, glossy pine and conifer foliage provide a gorgeous backdrop – I particularly like the look of ivy and holly (just please be careful of your fingers!). Sprigs you might find in the garden can also be added here. Twine your foliage through with small pine cones and imitation berries (red looks great against the dark greens), securing with floristry wire as you go.

A rustic brown and green wreath hangs on a dark blue door

Photo: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

For an aromatic touch, add slices of dried orange and even cinnamon sticks, secured together with red or gold ribbon.  Use a thick strip of red velvet or tartan fabric to create a finishing bow that can hang from the base of the wreath. Gorgeous!

Rustic festive wreath

A rustic wreath gives a cosy, country cottage, homespun feel that brings in the natural beauty of nature. I love the look of dried grasses, twigs, herbs and flowers all twined together, and this style of wreath will hold its own all year round. Rather than using a wreath ring and moss base, you might like to look at a ring made of woven stems of twigs, that your additional decorations can be easily affixed to. Add details like lavender sprigs, dried heads of wheat, fluffy pampas grass, strips of rattan and even found items like feathers. Let your design be fairly free and easy and allow some trailing plumes of grass to hang from the sides. Beautiful!

Minimal festive wreath

For those who aren’t really up for all the bells and finery of a traditional Christmas scheme, a minimal

Photo: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

wreath is a fashionable and attractive alternative, and can be made with much less fuss. Take your wreath ring, a wooden hoop or re-shape an even old wire coat hanger – the circle doesn’t need to be perfectly round. Then, simply twine it about a third or halfway round with a few generous sprigs – I think eucalyptus, rosemary or a similar light-coloured foliage looks amazing, or a more frondy conifer cutting. Leave some fronds trailing free. Real or fake mistletoe sprigs add a bit of interest, but the key here is to keep your design as simple and relaxed as possible. It looks really chic!

It’s also worth noting that not all wreaths need to be Christmassy – just look at these gorgeous springtime designs over at On Sutton Place.

If you make any of these DIYs or even come up with a design that’s totally your own, I’d love to see. Share them with me over on Facebook or Twitter.

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